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Ma Beauté Connectée was born from the misadventures of two young dynamic professionals with a busy schedule trying to balance work and their lifestyle. You know it better than us, when you love your job, when you have objectives to reach or even when you take care of your family, you find yourself so busy that you don’t have time to take care of your body.
And sometimes, with a little bit of luck you realize that you can free yourself 2 hours from noon to 2pm without having the time to book ahead an appointment. Hence when you reach the beauty salon, it’s almost impossible to get your hair or you nails done within a time that fits your schedule.
As a matter of fact, we all know how many independent beauty actors exist nowadays, especially here in Africa. There are so many good beauticians who are well trained and who could excel at their work. However, because no real opportunity is given to them, the talent pool remains untapped.
By the same time, there are a lot of employees working for beauty salons, who excel at their job but are not compensated to the level they deserve. Unfortunately, working for themselves would mean finding seed capital, and only very few can afford that investment!
Given that context, we just decided it was time for us to create an offer, which, we hope, will meet the needs of every single person out here. And with the development of technology, we realized everything is possible, from a platform to a mobile app, which could just connect beauticians and demanding clients.

Ma Beauté Connectée defines itself as “beauty on demand.” The service focuses on providing high-quality service that will be delivered anywhere and anytime using our mobile application or our website. These services are for people of all ages, all genders, and with all type of needs, all at a competitive price.
From now on, every single beauty professional or beautician in Abidjan wanting to work for its own and be his or her own boss can join the Ma Beauté Connectée network by contacting us. It’s quite simple: Kindly send us an email to and be the first ones to join this life-changing journey!
And for demanding clients like us, soon, it will be great having stylists arriving at your doorstep whenever you want! Whether it is mothers, singles or busy professionals looking to fit in an appointment during lunch hours, anyone looking to spend a lazy day not having to step out of their comfort zone or visitors traveling into Abidjan, the services that Ma Beauté Connectée is offering will meet your needs!